Mar. 2nd, 2013

stormdracona: (Beating my head against a wall)
Well, dunno really what to say. One more week and I've only got 3 more classes at UTI(Yay)

Transmission worked, first time. I'm happy.

However life's just been socking me left and right. Between health, SSI juggling and the newest set of events I'm so an into the ground its taking me a lot of effort to get out of bed anymore from the depression. This level of helplessness is tearing me up.

We have until the 22nd to come up with $5k or we're going to be foreclosed. We have ONE legal car to drive, electricity is about to be shut off, and all I can do is sit an weep. I have a friend who's trying to see if he can help, an dads literally clinging to that-so thus its on me. Which I really wish he'd also try an think of things. Every day since he's been asking, an friend can't get answers that fast.

Half-Brother left for Washington, didn't' even tell us, didn't let me say goodbye to my nephews. Not answering any of our calls.

Rheumatologist is trying to figure out if I broke my back, or if I have sciatica since I apparently have destroyed a nerve in my right side. Got fibro meds again at least. So far has ruled out Rheumatoid arthritis in my spine (So far x-ray pending)

I just want to feel safe. Even if I don't feel better, I just want to feel safe.


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